Allulose-based Caramel

Ahh, caramel…how the heck do you make a low-carb version of a PURE SUGAR product?!  Allulose is the key for this recipe.  It’s one of the few low-carb sweeteners that actually browns and caramelizes – because it is derived from sugar!  It’s just as easy to make caramel sauce or chews with allulose compared to using sugar.  No aftertaste, and no stomach troubles, and no blood sugar spikes.

A runnier caramel sauce used to decorate this plate.

A chewier caramel filling used for these sandwich cookies.  Using less cream makes it firmer.

5 thoughts on “Allulose-based Caramel

    1. Hi there, I have only worked with the Keystone Pantry version made by Lang’s Chocolates. I am interested in trying other brands, but this one had the best price.

  1. Hello, your recipes look amazing! And almost too beautiful to eat! I do (selfishly) wish you posted recipes more often!
    I also have worked extensively with allulose and one thing you might want to mention in your recipe is that it caramelizes MUCH faster than sugar and that with allulose, if making caramel, as soon as it BEGINS to change color you should take it off the heat and add your cream. If you wait until it reaches the deep amber color you normally would with sugar, it will taste burnt.
    Also I absolutely agree that it makes better caramel than erythritol (too much crystallization when it cools) or any other low carb sugar replacement!

    1. Wish I had read this first! The caramel was a beautiful color and inedible it tasted so burnt! It went to the trash😪

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