Keto Mirror Glaze

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Updated July 14, 2019.  I am adopting a new baseline recipe from Maja Vase which uses heavy cream instead of condensed milk.  You can always switch it back for more richness.  I have also corrected some typos in the measurements.  I find the recipe to be somewhat forgiving, as long as you achieve the correct texture and shine before pouring.  Cheers!

Updated February 3, 2019.  I have lowered the amount of sugar-free syrup because I didn’t find it necessary and I think the flavor was too strong.  I increased other liquids and thickening components to make up for it.  I have also integrated the no-prep ingredient options within the recipe.

I created the marble effect by mixing two colors, dumping one into the other, then pouring it over the frozen cake.  So incredibly satisfying watching the patterns emerge!

6 thoughts on “Keto Mirror Glaze

    1. Hi there, the heavy cream powder is there to simulate the composition of White Chocolate. Milk powder could be a substitute, but it will be higher in carbs. If you find a sugar free white chocolate (I think choczero might have one), you can use 150g total and ignore the individual components.

  1. Hi did you use chocolate or brown food coloring? And instead of the titanium dioxide is there a sub? What dry sweetner did you use?

    1. I usually use gel or powdered food coloring with the white chocolate glaze base. You can omit the titanium dioxide, but it just won’t be as bright of a white shade. I haven’t found another whitener ingredient.

  2. Do you have to use a syrup?(in UK so your product not available here).
    Is there an alternative or can you omit it?


    1. A syrup is really helpful to get that shiny, thick consistency that will provide good coverage and a bit of ‘stretchiness’. If you can’t find one, then a good alternative is a dark chocolate ganache glaze. A syrup would still benefit the shine, but it’s still beautiful with only chocolate and heavy cream.

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