Keto Mirror Glaze

Updated July 14, 2019.  I am adopting a new baseline recipe from Maja Vase which uses heavy cream instead of condensed milk.  You can always switch it back for more richness.  I have also corrected some typos in the measurements.  I find the recipe to be somewhat forgiving, as long as you achieve the correct texture and shine before pouring.  Cheers!

Updated February 3, 2019.  I have lowered the amount of sugar-free syrup because I didn’t find it necessary and I think the flavor was too strong.  I increased other liquids and thickening components to make up for it.  I have also integrated the no-prep ingredient options within the recipe.

I created the marble effect by mixing two colors, dumping one into the other, then pouring it over the frozen cake.  So incredibly satisfying watching the patterns emerge!

2 thoughts on “Keto Mirror Glaze

    1. Hi there, the heavy cream powder is there to simulate the composition of White Chocolate. Milk powder could be a substitute, but it will be higher in carbs. If you find a sugar free white chocolate (I think choczero might have one), you can use 150g total and ignore the individual components.

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