Low Carb Brioche

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If you thought going low carb / keto meant no more soft, fluffy bread – you’re wrong! This brioche recipe is adapted from the Fifteen Spatulas blog, and cross-checked over multiple other recipe resources. I ran into a bit of trial and error, and am publishing a version of the recipe that I think will work very nicely. Please let me know if you try it!

Low Carb Wheat Flour blend can be found here.

29 thoughts on “Low Carb Brioche

  1. Hi! This looks absolutely amazing, can’t wait to try it! I was looking through your recipe, and noticed the flour blend says it yields 300g, yet has only 250g of ingredients. Just wanted to double check with you before getting started… Thanks!

  2. Do I mix the Low Carb Wheat Flour with the Experimental All-Purpose Keto Flour for this recipe or do I just double the low carb wheat flour blend ?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. You would make extra of the low carb wheat blend. I like to make a large batch and store in an airtight container.

    1. Hi Leide! I have never tried it, but I think it’s worth a shot. As long as you can obtain a good gluten network, you should be able to make all kinds of bread. Best wishes!

  3. Hello Jackie,

    I hope you are really fine. Thank you for this recipe. Question for you, in « 0.5c Allulose » the « c » is for cup? So it would be 0.5 cup? Also do you have others recipes with SSB Low Carb Wheat Flour?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Leslie, yes c is for cup! Also, the wheat flour blend is quite versatile – I’d encourage you to try it as a 1:1 substitute with regular recipes. You may need to add a bit more liquid than usual…I kind of feel it out.

    1. I have been suggesting to either increase the amounts of WPI, carbalose, and VWG but about 8g, or to give resistant corn starch a try.

    1. Hi Danielle! I started my experiments with carbquik, but it is a baking mix with flakes of freeze-dried oil, specifically for things like biscuits and pancakes. The blend I shared is more like a plain white flour for versatile baking.

  4. I made this for Thanksgiving dinner -pretty bold to do a new bake for a big dinner. So much butter was a challenge -but after doing lots of squeezing by hand, the mixer could finish it. I tweaked it into Sweet Hawaiian Rolls by using pineapple juice rather than milk, increasing the sweetener a little and adding vanilla. -Overnight ferment. 2nd raise wasn’t sufficient though. Next time I’ll try shaping the rolls and letting them raise overnight, then straight to baking. This recipe is definitely a keeper! Thank you!!!

  5. Hi,

    This looks so delicious. Is there a substitute for Carbalose Flour? I live in Canada and can’t find that.

    1. Hi Melissa! To replace carbalose you need a combination of bulking fiber and gluten. I would try 20% of the weight as vital wheat gluten, and the remainder a combination of oat fiber, finely ground golden flaxseed, and inulin. I have another version of low carb flour on Etsy which uses these ingredients. It still has some carbalose but you can make the same substitution!

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